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A resale certificate shall include the following under § 55.1-1809 of the Property Owners Association Act:

1. The name of the association and, if incorporated, the state in which the association is
incorporated and the name and address of its registered agent in the Commonwealth;

2. A statement of any expenditure of funds approved by the association or the board of directors that requires an assessment in addition to the regular assessment during the current year or the immediately succeeding fiscal year;

3. A statement, including the amount of all assessments and any other mandatory fees or charges currently imposed by the association, together with any post-closing fee charged by the common interest community manager, if any, and associated with the purchase, disposition, and maintenance of the lot and to the right of use of common areas, and the status of the account;

4. A statement of whether there is any other entity or facility to which the lot owner may be liable for fees or other charges;

5. The current reserve study report or summary of such report, a statement of the status and amount of any reserve or replacement fund, and any portion of the fund allocated by the board of directors for a specified project;

6. A copy of the association's current budget or a summary of such budget, prepared by the association, and a copy of its statement of income and expenses or statement of its financial position (balance sheet) for the last fiscal year for which such statement is available, including a statement of the balance due of any outstanding loans of the association;

7. A statement of the nature and status of any pending action or unpaid judgment (i) to which the association is a party and (ii) that could or would have a material impact on the association or its members or that relates to the lot being purchased;

8. A statement setting forth the insurance coverage that is provided for all lot owners by the association, including the fidelity coverage maintained by the association, and any additional insurance that is required or recommended for each lot owner;

9. A statement that any improvement or alteration made to the lot, or uses made of the lot or common area assigned to such lot, is or is not in violation of the declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations, architectural guidelines, and articles of incorporation, if any, of the association;

10. A statement setting forth any restriction, limitation, or prohibition on the right of a lot owner to place a sign on the owner's lot advertising the lot for sale;

11. A statement setting forth any restriction, limitation, or prohibition on the right of a lot owner to display any flag on the owner's lot, including reasonable restrictions as to the size, place, and manner of placement or display of such flag and the installation of any flagpole or similar structure necessary to display such flag;

12. A statement setting forth any restrictions as to the size, place, duration, or manner of placement or display of political signs by a lot owner on his lot;

13. A statement setting forth any restriction, limitation, or prohibition on the right of a lot owner to install or use solar energy collection devices on the owner's property;

14. A copy of the current declaration, the association's articles of incorporation and bylaws, and any rules and regulations or architectural guidelines adopted by the association;

15. A copy of any approved minutes of the board of directors and association meetings for the six calendar months preceding the request for the disclosure packet;

16. A copy of the notice given to the lot owner by the association of any current or pending rule or architectural violation;

17. A copy of the fully completed form developed by the Common Interest Community Board pursuant to § 54.1-2350;

18. Certification that the association has filed with the Common Interest Community Board the annual report required by § 55.1-1835. Such certification shall indicate the filing number assigned by the Common Interest Community Board and the expiration date of such filing; and 19. A statement indicating any known project approvals currently in effect issued by secondary mortgage market agencies.

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