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Request an updated Texas Resale Certificate for a subject property on an already completed order for a Texas Resale Package. This update will only be for the Resale Certificate and will not include any updates to the governing documents, association financials, and other association related documents that may have been updated since the original resale package was provided.

All orders are fulfilled within 7 business days (excluding weekends and U.S. federal holidays).

You must enter your original 4-5 digit order number.  This number can be found on the confirmation email from your original order in the top left of the email.

Only orders dated within the past one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days can be updated. Please verify the date of your already completed order located on the third line of the Resale Certificate.

If you are would like to obtain updates to the association financials, association insurance, or any other association documents, please go to Association Documents and select the documents you would like to order.


Please carefully read the Terms of Service before completing your order.

Already Completed Order: Request Updated TX Resale Certificate (180 Calendar Day Limit)

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